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Current Address: Ul. Kościuszki 30 Łódź

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DELIVERY: +48 536-333332

12:00 to 22:00 Mon to Saturday

12:00 to 20:00 Sundays

* We currently deliver to within 5km of our van location. We are planning soon to have more vans located around the city so that we will eventually have you covered.

Fish the Chips

Fish the Chips is here now!

Fish the Chips

Is a traditional British Fish and chip van in Poland. We prepare the fish and chips the same way it has been done for last 160 years […]

Sustainable Sources

When thinking about the fish frying industry, in terms of the core product (fish) to be sustainable, the fishery must be [...]


The national federation of fish friersworks to protect and promote the interests of fish and chip businesses [...]


It is very easy to follow the crowd and purchase the cheapest oil, fish, potatoes, fork & knives and stirrers but we are different.

we know that plastic comes from oil based products and is not good for our planet. That is why we are constantly trying to use environmentally safe products and supplies.

See how we do it

Fish & Chips

Less Fat & Fewer Calories than most other takeaways!


Natural Food Freshly Prepared

FAT per 100gr

  • Fish and Chips 9.42g
  • Pizza 11g
  • Burger with medium fries 12.1g
  • Doner Kebab 15.2g


  • Fish and Chips 595cals
  • Pizza 871cals
  • Burger with medium fries 888cals
  • Doner Kebab 942cals